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Conflict Communication Coach

Zina B. Gleason


I'm Zina

Conflict Communication Coach

Zina's Story

As a Communication Coach, an award-winning international speaker, and attorney, Zina educates people on the value of effective communication, primarily through conflict.

Zina's skill and experience in communication were borne from her personal experiences growing up in a high conflict environment, which included drugs, alcohol, and mental illness. She understands the destruction and demise people face when they can't communicate: lost relationships, unfulfilling careers, low self-esteem, and diminishing courage. And, she knows it's all avoidable.

In 2019, ten years after Zina opened her law firm, Redefining Divorce, a company designed to support families and their emotional needs through divorce, she noticed many of her couples were reconciling. When Zina asked why - they said, "Because you taught us how to communicate. We just didn't know how and after years of arguing, we had no hope left. Divorce was our only option. When we came to you and you opened our eyes to different styles of communication, we started enjoying each other again and realized we have so much in common, like we used to. We just couldn't see it because we couldn't get past the conflict resulting from our lack of communication skills."

Feeling compelled to impact more people through teaching effective communication skills, Zina created the ZBG Academy. Within this academy, Zina is a highly sought after Communication Coach for individuals, students and staff at universities, as well as individuals in the corporate structure. As a keynote and public speaker, she is inspiring to watch on a stage and is truly invested in sustainable, engaging, and cohesive relationships found only through effective communication.

She reinforces the idea that kindness and compassion are both real and powerful. She emphasizes the importance of being present in all interactions to understand who we are talking with and the proper subject matter. Too often, a single conversation gets interpreted in many different ways because we don't know our audience or how to speak with them. That's where Zina comes in. She provides clarity and practical techniques to quickly identify the audience and appropriate communication styles to get the messages conveyed. Her teachings improve lives, perspective, interactions, productivity, and overall success.

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About CCC

What is a Conflict Communication Coach (CCC)?
Conflict communication coaching uses a specific set of skills and strategies to help individuals and groups effectively manage issues arising from conflict and promotes mindful resolutions through open communication.


Featured Testimonial Didi Wong is an international recognized speaker, entrepreneur, author, educator, and mentor. Didi is the Founder and CEO of The Yes Academy, and was recently featured as a top entrepreneur in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

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3 Easy Steps to Achieve Work-life Balance

#1: You have control over your outcome: you can achieve a work-life balance

Believe it or not, you dictate your outcome through your thoughts, ideas, words, and actions. Visualize your goals and then act on them.

Start your day showing gratitude and appreciation for the things you already have in your life and the things you want in your life. Write down gratitude statements about existing things you are grateful for and then write down gratitude statements about things you want as if you have already received them.

Pay attention during the day to signs that move you closer to attaining them. Before you go to bed, reflect on those things and say or write more gratitude statements about what you experienced.

#2: Prioritize your time

Part of staying intentional in your daily interactions includes managing your time. Instead of booking appointments or events within 15 minutes of each other, give yourself 30 minutes to digest and reflect on each engagement you have.

If we are rushed through everything we do, we can't stay intentional and end up missing valuable time because we aren't focused. Take a few extra minutes and a few extra breaths before moving away and into your next task.

#3: Prioritize your peace

Prioritizing our peace is often overlooked because, unfortunately, it's undervalued. Our emotional health is more important than our physical and mental health; emotional health controls physical and mental health.

Schedule time to turn your phone off, shut the computer down and spend time with yourself doing the things that bring you peace. We can always make more money but we can never make more time.

How to Achieve Your Dreams in 4 Steps

Manifestation is the ability to visualize a result and then stay engaged and intentional with the visualization until it becomes a reality.

The fastest and easiest way to manifest anything is through gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have, grateful for what is coming, and stay intentional through your journey!

The practice of manifestation requires constant attention to what you desire. It is not enough to say you want something and then sit back and wait for it. You must actively pursue it through your thoughts, intentions, actions and words until you realize the result you are seeking.

The process works through reflection. Manifest a desire, believe it is possible and then pay attention to what is going on around you. At the end of the day, reflect back on your desire and take note of the occurrences you experienced that align with your manifestation. It is also necessary to check your perspective- if you believe in your desire, you will see the occurrences. If you don't, you will miss them.


Be clear about what you desire. Clarity about what you are manifesting is necessary because it impacts the words you use when visualizing and speaking your desire. For example, saying "I want 2 million dollars in 2020," is a great goal except it requires additional words in order for it to manifest. The process of manifesting is centered around energy- what we put out there- this means it needs to be a clear message so the energy knows what to do. Try this: "I will earn 2 million dollars in 2020 by staying present with my goals and in my intentions. I will work to achieve this goal by showing up every day on time, staying focused and listening to my world when it gives me signals to act or not act."

Put faith into something greater than you. This can be different for everyone; some people share their goals with the Universe, others with their God/Gods, some with their Angels, or with your Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO). This requires understanding that you can't do it all- it's a form of delegating.

Visualize your goals and act on them. Start your day by reflecting on the awesome things already in your life and feel gratitude for them. Then, manifest things you want in your life by speaking about them as if they already exist. Pay attention during the day for signs that the energy you put out is working and at the end of your day reflect and take notes on what you experienced around your manifestation.

Be consistent. Continue to have a conversation about your goals and share them with your higher power. Manifestation does not generally operate after one round. It is a constant and intentional process.

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